Glorify God with
One Voice
Romans 15:5-7

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Saxony Lutheran High School
Phone: (573) 204-7555

Current Enrollment

Current enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year is 226.

Tuition Rates

Base tuition for the 2015-2016 school year is $5,675/yr. Members of the twenty-four LCMS association church congregations will receive a tuition rate of $4,190/yr upon verification of membership from their pastor. All student enrollments will carry a nonrefundable registration fee of $150. After the February 27, 2015 registration deadline, the registration fee will be $200 (for returning students only).

Enrollment Process

Returning Students

Current students at Saxony are required to re-enroll for the next year. Registration begins in February.


New Students

New students may register for the upcoming school year beginning in February at Saxony. Enrollment nights will be held in the spring of the current school year.

*For any additional information on enrolling a student, please call the school office or send an e-mail with your name and address.

**Appointments are always welcome to setup a conference regarding any enrollment questions.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

Saxony Lutheran High School offers free and reduced lunches for students based on financial need. Here is the form to apply for this assistance

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

Tuition Assistance Options

Saxony Lutheran High School offers tuition assistance to families based on financial need.

Anyone interested in tuition assistance for the upcoming school year can pick up a form in the office or click on the link below. This form should be returned in a sealed envelope to Saxony Lutheran in care of the Tuition Assistance Committee. This is a process where all information is confidential and will only be reviewed by the Tuition Assistance Committee. The filing deadline is May 1 for assistance on the upcoming school year. Please remember
a new application must be filled out each year that tuition assistance is requested.

Tuition Assistance Application

New Sibling Scholarship

Saxony Lutheran High School has an established Sibling Scholarship. Any family with two or more students at SLHS may complete a brief one page application to receive some tuition assistance. These applications are in the office or you may click the link below.

Sibling Scholarship