CHS Girls' Soccer Shootout O'Fallon

Event Starts:
04/28/2023 All Day
Event Ends:


Thanks for joining us this year for the CHS Girls' Soccer Shootout. I think we were able to accommodate all requests that were made. As a reminder, this will not be tournament format. Each team will play one game each on Friday (April 28) and Saturday (April 29). Please see below for a schedule of games.

Friday, April 28

STL Patriettes vs. Wright City @ CHS (4:00 PM)
Troy vs. Fredericktown @ CHS (5:30 PM)
Christian vs. Saxony @ CHS (7:00 PM)

Saturday, April 29
Wright City vs. Christian @ CHS (9:00 AM)
Fredericktown vs. STL Patriettes @ CHS (10:30 AM)Saxony vs. Troy @ CHS (12:00 PM)