Saxony Lutheran High School Board

  • Saxony Lutheran High School is governed by a board of regents composed of representatives from twenty-five association church congregations. Each church appoints up to two members to the board and keeps their church congregations informed of the happenings at Saxony. Officers of the Board of Regents are elected by the assembly.
  • The Executive Board is comprised of two pastoral representatives with chairman, president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and four at-large members from the association churches.


Todd Petzoldt

Todd Ward


Becka Hollis

Tara McMullin

Rev. Jacob May

Rev. Paul Hoemann

Matt Wills

Jodi Seabaugh

Scott Weinhold

Jim Whaley


Executive Director





Pastoral Advisor

Pastoral Advisor

At-large Member

At-large Member

At-large Member

At-large Member


Concordia Lutheran–Frohna

St. Paul Lutheran – Jackson


St. Andrew Lutheran – Cape

St. Paul Lutheran – Jackson

Christ Lutheran – Gordonville

Concordia Lutheran–Frohna

Immanuel Lutheran – Perryville

Zion Lutheran – Gordonville

Zion Lutheran – Crosstown

Trinity Lutheran Church - Shawneetown